Friday, August 1, 2008

Simple Wedding Flowers (Finally)

I used an interesting method for their bouquets. I used oasis handles, and put the daisies in to the oasis, and saved the stems, and wired the stems around the handle and covered the wire with a ribbon wrap, as if the daisies were clumped together and wrapped with a ribbon. The bouquets lasted many many hours this way, in the hot July weather! It was neat!

Behind the singer is the Bouquet Becky made. It's turned so you can't see the artistic-ness of it unfortunately.

This was several hours after the wedding, and the bouquet still looks fresh! Phew!

I got sore knees pinning this table garland, but it was worth it. They loved it. I was quite pleased, even though I had to used artificial ivy.

The cake table and a simple tossing bouquet. (the cake and cupcakes were made by Becky, and the catering company really loved it, and asked to feature her work in their brochures!)

Thanks for looking! :) I had fun, and a lot of help!