Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Settling down again!

We moved to Wisconsin last week, and through the whole ordeal, I've abandoned the computer. So here I am again! I hope to keep up on this here blog, so my friends don't loose hope in me! haha.
We moved in on Thursday, and I'm mostly unpacked. It's hard getting used to having different spaces for things. This is quite a bit different style of house then we just moved from.
Sunday I got to put away some applesauce and apple pie filling. And tomorrow I'm planning on making salsa, and possibly spaghetti sauce. It's so nice being able to put away food! I missed it, and everybody here is being so generous with their garden yields!
Brandt hit the ground running here. He's now a youth minister, and on Saturday there was an untimely death of a sophomore student, so Brandt's been at the school quite a bit counseling.
Tonight is the kickoff for the Wednesday nights for the year, I can tell more about it when I know what's happening. All I know, is I volunteered to help with dinner, so I'll be there at 4! :)
All for now! See you guys soon!


All in a Day said...

Have fun in WI!

martha said...

Wow, so happy for you. and thank you for blogging since I never remember to call.

Keren said...

I had almost given up hope in your blog :) But I am glad to hear some news.

brockleesgirl said...

How exciting!

Emily said...

Thanks for the update! We'll be praying for you! And have fun making salsa...yum

5 Chips said...

Wisconsin- WOW. Tell me more! How did this all come about? Where in Wisconsin? Can't believe how big the kids are in the family photos you posted. A mini-mom and a mini-dad...Amazing! And you look beautiful, by the way!