Saturday, May 17, 2008


Last night we were on our way home from a day out and about, and Tatiana found out that it is Brandt's birthday today. She got SO excited! She wanted to know who all was coming for Daddy's birthday, and what presents he was getting, and what kind of cake he was getting. Brandt said nobody is coming over, he's spending the day with momma, Tatiana and Benaiah.

Tatiana said,
"We aren't your friends!"
Daddy said, "Well then who are you?"
Tati said, " Well, Momma's. . . your Momma Momma and you're her Daddy. I'm your babygirl, but I'm not a baby. And Benaiah is your son, but not a yellow sun." :)

I thought that was so cute! :) Hehehe

Happy Birthday Brandt! :)


brockleesgirl said...

that's really cute! :-)

MommaJo ~ said...

LOL! That was so funny!
Hope you're having a good day.