Thursday, May 22, 2008

Picture time

Ug! I had to go get my drivers license renewed before Saturday. I'm getting old! When I was issued that drivers license so long ago, I thought wow, that's a really long time from now! I'm afraid to see what my new picture will look like! I kinda liked the old young one ;)

What a beautiful day today! I'm gonna go make shish ka bobs (how ever in the world that is spelled) and grill some corn. I'm also going to plant some blueberry bushes, and some snapdragons, asters, and throw some flower seeds in the back of my flower garden. I should also get some food in my bird feeders. They have gotten so good at emptying that thing, it's gone in a day!

Ah, summer is so nice, I'm glad it finally came for a visit! :)


Keren said...

Summer is a Lovely thing :)

Abbi said...

By the way, you still look quite young and I think your picture will turn out quite fine.
I have been enjoying "summer" too. We had a quite cold night last night but then a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah - I think I've got that coming in a year or two as well :P

I wish I could just pick my own picture :D :D :D